Mobile devices have redefined the way we live our lives and online video is in the midst of that redefinition. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic.

Cenk Bulbul, Head of Agency Marketing, Google

Travelers want to visualize every facet of their vacation.

Where will they stay? What will they do? see? eat? What's it like to bike ride down Haleakala crater at sunrise or swim with the sharks in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic? What does my room look like?

Destination content allows consumers to more easily make a buying decision.

The Rich Media Marketplace library combines videos, images, and destination guides for travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, excursions, activities, events, guides and even products.

Content owners can upload their images or videos for distribution within the portal to other subscribers as well as for distribution to the RME partner channel sites. We feature content from destinations, attractions, excursions, events, hotels/resorts, Convention and Visitor Bureau's, Destination Marketing Organizations, and brands.

Your branded content is welcome!

Many studies have confirmed that content increases conversion, revisits, sharing, and sales. The Rich Media Marketplace is a self-service, digital asset marketing portal that features a library of rich media and makes it easily available for use. Content is aggregated and displayed in a single location so subscribers can easily find, share, and send content to their customers.

Subscribers can share individual images or videos, build custom playlists, share content to social media channels, get URL links for marketing materials, and even get embed codes to use within.

Warwick International Hotels video

Click on the Play button to watch the video - This video was produced for Warwick International Hotels by Rich Media Exchange