Video and rich imagery bring big, bold impact to your digital marketing. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the marketing content with the best ROI.

HighHQ The Year of Video Marketing

Bring your marketing to life.

Video has been proven to bring travelers closer to the various elements of the experience, enhancing engagement and conversion. It provides a rich sensory experience (color, motion and sound) along with relevant context (scale and demonstration).

While many of our clients will already have an investment in professionally produced content, we offer a full suite of production and editing services.

One of our service offerings is the production of professional caliber, rich media.

Production goes beyond having a base of talented producers, photographers, videographers, writers, voice over talent and editors. It also includes having access to a state-of-the-art editing suite/facility that is used to produce a quality, profitable production cost-effectively.

We harness a global network of photography and videography talent who are also travel afficionados. Our “certification” program allows us to achieve the goal of delivering high quality content on the photography and video fronts, as well as to build our stock footage/image library, which is available on demand to our subscribers.


Subscribers to our Rich Media Marketplace can take your individual videos and create a dynamic playlist that they can embed into their website or blog. Click on each of the videos below to see how the player works and to see some of our best production work.


During video production, we can also take high resolution images, which can be used by our subscribers to the Rich Media Marketplace.